A story of passion, ingenuity, and determination

The internationally renowned brand that we know today, Toper Roasters, started in a small 33 m² workshop in Izmir, Turkey. Nurettin Karakundakoğlu, the founder and mastermind behind Toper Roasters, began manufacturing high-quality coffee roasters in 1953 and quickly caught the attention of international buyers.

Over the years, Mr. Nurettin and his family continued to master building precise and intuitive machinery that has revolutionized the coffee production industry.

In 1995, Toper Roasters began exporting their machinery abroad and brought their knowledge and craftsmanship to countries like Romania, the USA, Canada and Italy.

Today, you can find Toper Roasters in over 146 countries! To learn more about Toper Roasters, you can visit their website: www.toper.com

We roast beans of happiness, mix them with talent, grind them to share with friends.

Our Team

Always ready to help
Samy Assouline

Samy Assouline, a graduate of McGill University in 1978, opened his first business in 1981 called ALSACO Imports. ALSACO Imports has become the largest importer and distributor of espresso machines in Canada. In 1991, he introduced the Shop Roasting Concept in Canada with the Petroncini Roasters and the Astoria espresso machines. Three years later, he met Ramazan and decided to replace the Petroncini roasters with Toper.

In 2001, after a harrowing battle with Necrotizing fasciitis, he decided to sell ALSACO Imports, and retire from the coffee business. Instead, from 2001 to 2010, he worked as a consultant for young start-up companies to help them develop and flourish. Ten years later, he reconnects with Alex Stantchev and decides to partner with his fledgling company M.E.C. Inc.

Samy and Ramazan decided to work together in the same year, and M.E.C. Inc. was granted the North American exclusive distribution of Toper Roasters. So finally, in 2020, Toper Roasters North America Inc. was created with the blessings and support of Ramazan and all of Toper.

Alex Stantchev

Alex Stantchev was born in Bulgaria. After starting as an espresso machine technician in 1980, he quickly became in charge of specialty coffee equipment purchases at the Trade Ministry of Bulgaria. After that, he worked for Segafredo Coffee in Israel for two years before immigrating to Canada in 2000.

Passionate about coffee, he continues refining his skills and knowledge in specialty equipment, which led him to found Magister Espresso Canada Inc. in 2006. He joins forces with his current partner, Samy Assouline, five years later. Together, they created Toper Roasters North America Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of M.E.C. Inc.

Ramazan Karakundakoğlu

Born in 1963, Ramazan Karakundakoğlu graduated from Tubitak (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and Kosgeb (T.R. Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration). He creates eleven industrial designs that he registers to his name following his studies.

In 1979, Ramazan decided to join the family business, Toper Roasters and Abide Foreign Trade Company, marking the beginning of an enriching career. Now, not only is he the CEO of Toper Roasters, but he also heads the R&D and Export departments of the company.

In addition, Ramazan is very active in the global market and participates in many national and international seminars, symposiums and congresses. He has written several papers, many of which have been published in trade and technical journals. Furthermore, he has authored numerous books on coffee: Roast Master (translated into 7 languages); Barista / Coffee Shop and Izmir Coffee History. Eager to transmit his passion to others, Ramazan established the Toper Coffee Academy and taught coffee as an accredited SCA (International Coffee Association) trainer.

Rick Davis

If you have the honour of knowing Rick Davis, one thing is certainly evident: He possesses a deep-abiding passion for supporting the incredible global coffee roasting industry. He considers matching the right roaster to the right client as his life’s work. Why? Because it’s not just about selling a machine. Rick knows that with every roaster sold, he’s delivering a dream — whether the dreamer is a small business or a large operation. And, with his trademark integrity and dependability, he strives to forge relationships with every client that are as rich as their roasts.

Rick has carved out a niche in specialty coffee that leverages his two decades of industry experience in commercial and industrial roasting equipment sales, marketing, operations, logistics, and installations. Today, he works closely with Samy Assouline to provide roastery equipment solutions to North America.

A coffee roaster himself (using his Toper TKM-SX5), Rick prioritizes building close-knit connections with customers and industry colleagues to best support their coffee roastery needs. He ensures that every equipment solution is advantageous to the customer and their vision — and results in perfectly roasted beans that produce what we’re all after: a damn good cup of coffee shared among friends.